Shiro Sawada
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Shiro Sawada ..... $\int_a^w a da$ ..... <math>{int_a_^w^<left>a da}</math> .....

My last name, Sawada, is in some sense "integrable" because Sawada is rewritten as $\int_a^w a da$ by using TeX. As is easily seen, the result is (w*w-a*a)/2=(w-a)(w+a)/2, which is now "factorable".

Subjects in charge: Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Experiments and Practices, Seminar on Communication Engineering, Quantum Mechanics, Graduation Research

Field of Research: Elementary Particle Physics

Recent Interests:

Recent Papers:
Curriculum vitae: in preparation

Specific location:
Longitude: 133°38' 12" E
Latitude: +34°14' 03" N

      Department of Communication Network Engineering
      National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College,
      Koda 551, Takuma, Mitoyo, Kagawa 769-1192, JAPAN
      Fax  : +81-875-83-8590, +81-875-83-6389

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Please take a look at National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College.
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