The Main Aim

of the

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers have played an important role in manufacturing all products in the modern industrial society. Various technologies created by mechanical engineers have produced all kinds of mechines, structures and equipments, ranging from VLSI or electro-mechanical machines to machines connected with big science like space-shattles and artifical satelites.

The recent rapid development of the new technologies such as electronics, computer science and so on required to extend the boundaries of the basic fields of mechanical engineering and create a new type of mechanical engineering.

To be able to accommodate this department to the new surroundings, we have been offering new subjects in the curriculum such as CAD (computer aided design), CAM (computer aided manufucture), computational mechanics and so on since 1989. The curriculum consists of the four great devisions;

  1. Partical traning of mechanical engineering,
  2. Mechanical and CAE(computer aided engeineering),
  3. Electro-mechnics and controlling engineering,
  4. Synthesis.

The main aim of the department is to cultivate sutudents as engineers and researhers who have not only fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering, but also the creative ability in various area.

Last modified: 1996.11.27
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