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Geo-Environmental Engineering 2011


Download file of Symposium Program [GEE2011_SympSchd_110521.pdf]
(Adobe PDF format updated at May 13)

Download file of Session Program [GEE2011_SessionProg_110521.pdf]
(Adobe PDF format updated at May 13)

Organized by:
    Kagawa National College of Technology, Japan
    Kyoto University, Japan
    Seoul National University, Korea
    University Joseph Fourier, France
    University of British Columbia, Canada
Under the auspice of:
    International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (TC215)
    International Geosynthetics Society
    Japanese Geotechnical Society
    The Society of Materials Science, Japan
    Association for Disaster Prevention Research
Dear Colleagues:

    On behalf of the organizing committee, we are pleased to inform you of the Geo-Environmental Engineering 2011. The meeting will take place from 21 - 22 May, 2011, at the Innovation Hall, Kagawa National College of Technology, Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan. This International Symposium is the 10th anniversary of the Joint work between Japan, Korea, France and Canada.
    The deadline of paper abstract is December 20, 2010, to the organizing committee. After the reviewing, each author will be informed of the review result by January 15, 2011. The full paper shall be submitted by March 15, 2011. Symposium papers will be peer reviewed by experts of Geo-Environmental Engineering, and if selected, will be published in the proceedings and will be available to delegates at the time of registration.

    Best regards,
    Chairpersons of Organizing Committee:
      Masashi Kamon, Kagawa National College of Technology, Japan
      Takeshi Katsumi, Kyoto University, Japan
      Junboum Park, Seoul National University, Korea
      Jean-Pierre Gourc, University Joseph Fourier, France
      Loretta Li, University of British Columbia, Canada

Geo-Environmental Engineering 2011


    The conference provides an international forum to discuss the problems facing the public and private sectors, the engineering and scientific communities, in terms of the waste management and remediation of contaminated lands, and relating topics.
    The conference venue is the Innovation Hall of Kagawa National College of Technology, Takamatsu, Japan. Takamatsu is the center city of Shikoku island, Japan. It takes three hours from Kansai International Airport by airport limousine bus.
    The main goal of Geo-Environmental Engineering 2011 is to bring together international information, experience and research in order to give the conference participants a greater knowledge and ability to help revitalize their communities.

    Waste / landfill management
    Landfill liner and cover
    Geosynthetics in geo-environmental engineering
    Geotechnical reuse of solid waste
    Contribution to global environmental problems
    Remediation of contaminated sites
    Environmental assessment
    Risk management
    Ground improvement technologies
    Lessons from the field and case studies
    March 15, 2011: Submission of full paper.
    April 30, 2011: Registration will be closed in WEB site.
    Prof. Nozomu Kotake
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Kagawa National College of Technology (KNCT)
    355 Chokushi-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Japan 761-8058
    Tel: + 81 (0) 87-869-3927, Fax: + 81 (0) 87-869-3929
    E-mail: kotake@t.kagawa-nct.ac.jp
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