School System of Japan

  • 1. Junior high school graduates are eligible to enroll at a KOSEN.
  • 2. High schoolgraduates are eligible to enroll at a KOSEN as transfer students.
  • 3. KOSEN graduates are eligible to enroll in a university as transfer students.
  • 4. KOSEN graduates are eligible to enroll in an advanced course.
  • 5. KOSEN Advanced Course graduates are eligible to enroll in a university graduate program.

KOSEN System

  • KOSEN (five-year engineering education from 15-year old) was established in 1961, in response to a strong demand from industrial sector to foster engineers who sustain Japanese high economic growth at that time.
  • Characterics of KOSEN Education
    Upon Admission
  • ・We admit junior high school graduates.
  • ・We enable students to engage in career and life planning at a young age.
  • In School
    Practical and Innovative Education
  • ・We develop an curriculum in the liberal arts and professional studies.
  • ・We have highly qualified teaching staff (more than 80% of specialized subject teachers have doctral degree).
  • ・We provide experimental and practical training, internship and coop education.
  • ・We provide programs accrediated by JABEE.
  • ・We offer international exchange opportunities.
  • Personality Development
  • ・We offer student dormitories and extracurricular activities.
  • ・We hold Robot, Programming, Design and Speech contests.
  • ・We organize annual all KOSEN Athletics Competition.
  • Upon Graduation
  • ・We help students to find various career paths.
  • ・We produce engineers with extensive practical creativity.