Message from the President

President TANAKA, Masao
National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College was established by the incorporation and reorganization of Takamatsu National College of Technology and Takuma National College of Technology both having the long history, on October 1st, 2009. We have seven departments at the General Education Courses and two majors at the Advanced Course. We have improved and advanced the facilities and the equipment for both education and research. We are enhancing the cooperative relationship between Takamatsu Campus and Takuma Campus, and are providing favorable environments for the education. At the General Education Course, we arrange a curriculum composed of liberal education, professional education, and practical technology education for 5 years, to develop highly qualified engineers that have a rich sense of humanity and creativity, with a competency to deal with rapid progress of science and technology and with harmony among intelligence, technology and spirit. Students can attain as high competency as those at a university by the study for 5 years. Moreover, students can obtain the same degree of bachelor as those who graduate a university by the study for 2 years at the Advanced Course after graduation of the General Education Course.

At Takamatsu Campus, We have Industrial and Systems Engineering Division composed of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineering and Department of Civil Engineering for the General Education Courses. We are cultivating engineers active in the region of creative manufacturing. At Takuma Campus, We have Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering Division composed of Department of Communication Network Engineering, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, and Department of Information Engineering for the General Education Courses. We are cultivating engineers active in the region of advanced electronics, information and communication. We have Advance Course in Industrial and Systems Engineering at Takamatsu Campus and Advanced Course in Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering at Takuma Campus. At both Advanced Course, We are supplying educations full of intellectual stimulation and international sense, and are enhancing the Science Seminar.

We have Dormitories, Counseling Room and Career Support Center to support students’ welfare, study, employment and career shaping through such as internship. We have International Exchange Promotion office to develop international exchange and collaboration in education and research, and Human Resource Development Office to develop local industries and enhance the partnership with them. We are making Academic Exchange Agreements with Overseas Universities, sending students abroad for international internship or student exchange, and promoting Cooperative Research with the Private Sector eagerly. We contribute to the wealth and advancement of our local community as a driving force of intellectual and technological progress.

Both of our campuses’ long histories have seen over 20,800 students graduate and secure meaningful employment in the private sector, municipal and prefectural governmental offices, universities, and research institutes. These graduates of the colleges have displayed and exemplified an impressive work ethic and job performance, leading to high praise and evaluations given by employers. We constantly embark on new challenges and develop ourselves, inheriting the excellent traditions.