Seiun-ryo at Takamatsu Campus

Takamatsu Campus has accmodations for students called Seiun-ryo, which consists of three buildings: South Dormitory, North Dormitory and West Dormitory. Male boarders stay at North and South Dormitory and female boarders use West Dormitory.

South Dormitory 4-story building 57 private rooms (9m2), 2 private rooms (13.5m2), 1 shared room with 2 beds etc (24m2)
North Dormitory 3-story building 29 private rooms (11m2), 1 private room (15m2), 24 shared rooms with 2 beds etc (15m2)
West Dormitory 3-story building 24 private rooms (10m2), 8 shared room with 2 beds etc (15m2)


Shippo-ryo at Takuma Campus

Takuma Campus has two block sets of dormitory buildings, one of which is "Shippo-ryo" and the other is "Shiun-ryo". The dormitory accomodations consist of theree buildings, which are called Second, Third and Fourth Block. Presently, male students stay at Second and Third Block in Shippo-ryo, while female students use Fourth Block in Shiun-ryo.

Shippo-ryo 2nd Block: 4-story building 26 shared room with 2 beds etc (13.5m2)
3rd Block: 5-story building 46 private rooms (9m2), 69 shared room with 2 beds etc (18m2)
Shiun-ryo 4th Block: 5-story building 12 private rooms (9m2), 38 shared room with 2 beds etc (18m2)
Common rooms Study hall, a computer room, Lounge, lounge with a kitchenette, laundry room, bath room and a cafeteria